The Organization for the Proliferation of Social Networking Messages enables the communication of social updates to users that have subscribed to "follow" your message updates. It is a fun way to keep friends, family and stangers updated about your life! To get started print out A1-AccountRequestForm.pdf, fill it out, and mail it to the address listed below. You will receive an account creation notification once your application has been processed. This notification will contain your unique identifier. This identifier is what other users will write into their F2-UserFollowRequestForm.pdf. When you want to post a message to your followers, mail in the P3-MessagePostRequestForm.pdf with and update about your life or maybe even a joke!
Please mail all forms, general inquiries, and other contact to:
Alex Wiles
68 R Dane St.
Somerville, MA 02143


Submit this form to signup for an account with the OPSNM.
Update your account information.
View another user's profile.
Follow a user.
Unfollow a user.
Post a new message for your followers.
Submit when you appreciate a message a user you followed posted.
Repost a message a user you follow posted.
In order to receive messages & notifications, you must send in stamps or money with your forms. Your postage or money will sit in your file and be used to send you notifications and messages. Notifications & messages will be sent in batches for more efficient use of postage. If your file has no postage, your notifications and messages will buffer until the OPSNM receives sufficient postage or money. You will be notified when the postage in your file is running low.